This is the core of the Cube Greenhouse which generates and distributes the energy throughout the greenhouse. It includes 9 Concentric Copper Rings and a 14 Ring Generator. Plants grown within this energy field resonate with this energy.

The produce grown within this greenhouse is the sweetest, tastiest without the acidity you sometimes get when buying in your local super market.

WELCOME to TOM DOUTT ENTERPRISEA Research Center for the Development of Pyramid Greenhouses

This is the Cube Greenhouse which shows the solar vents both on top and bottom which disburses the energy within the Greenhouse.

Over the years, we have experimented with many different pyramid greenhouse  shapes and have found the Cube Pyramid Greenhouse to be the ultimate Greenhouse for producing and growing  the various plants.

Welcome to our Web site. Let us take you through a panoramic view of our Pyramid Greenhouse and what we've been able to accomplish with 43 years of research and development


The Cube Pyramid Greenhouse was first developed in 1995 and our experiments and development began with exceptional plant growth and delicious produce. The results we got from this model was  extraordinary, with produce growing even during freezing weather.