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Tom Doutt

2120 South Hogan Lane

Cottonwood, Arizona 86326





1998 - I designed a water machine that vortexes water in a color spectrum using ordinary well water. The water not only tastes great, but also has an energy charge similar to when opening a soda bottle as it pops like carbonated beverages. The water from the machine has a high life force energy instilled in it through the Pyramid.

2000 - I designed and built the "Tower Pyramid". It has a 5 foot base, and is 6 feet tall and at a 70 degree angle. The Tower Pyramid is designed to be used with a chair, has a reversible coil under the chair and rings above which helps to heighten ones energy or calm you. Aches and pains have been reported to bee substantially relieved after sitting under it.

2016 - to Present - I continue to research and develop the Pyramid Greenhouse. However, recently I have been thinking of selling the technology or maybe partnering with others of like mind so that I may continue to use my knowledge and expand the research I am working on. My vision and goal have always been to be able to help feed all of the starving children, thus providing a healthy "Life Force" source of food and water to all mankind.


1975 - I started making and selling pyramids in Seattle, Washington 42 years ago. These first pyramids were made from steel tubing with a copper cap. What inspired me to further explore the energies of the pyramids were the results I was receiving from people who were sleeping or meditating under the pyramid. Many reported that their aches and pains either lessened or dissipated.  They also said they were sleeping better and overall felt better after being within the energizing power of the pyramid.

1977 - I moved to Sedona, Arizona (I had learned that Sedona was a mecca for many vortexes and other worldly energies where I felt would  be a good place to learn) discoveries of other scientists such as Walter and Lao Russell, Nikola Tesla as well as others. During this learning period I learned that there are four magnetic poles; two which generate the Life Force, and two which generate the Death Cycle. North and South is the generative side of these energies, or inward spiral multiplication. The Pyramid amplifies these life force energies. During this time I began manufacturing the pyramids out of copper tubing and fittings. 

1980 - I had a vision while meditating to install copper rings at the top of the pyramid to further amplify the life force energies.

1990 - I built a pyramid greenhouse with 9 concentric rings which resulted in amazing growth as well as many of them being able to continue to grow and produce in freezing weather, thus over coming the "Death Cycle". The pyramid greenhouse sets up a vibration that plants seem to be in harmony with which enhances the growth of the plants. It's almost as if the plants are listening to music while growing.